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SC Senate looks to block Chinese company buy in Savannah Lakes Village


COLUMBIA, S.C. – Yesterday, the South Carolina Senate overwhelmingly passed S. 576, a bill by Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey to prohibit foreign adversaries, including China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and Iran, from purchasing land in the Palmetto State.

Majority Leader Massey issued the following statement:

“In recent weeks, citizens in McCormick County have made known to me their discomfort over the pending acquisition of hundreds of acres of residential and undeveloped property by a Chinese bio-medical company, only miles from the Savannah River Site. I share the concerns of my constituents in McCormick. Just weeks ago, the State and the Nation watched while a Chinese spy balloon, undeterred, was flown over the entire country, spying over highly sensitive military bases. It’s clear: Communist China and other hostile nations must not be permitted to move in next door.

That’s why I introduced Senate Bill 576, which prohibits foreign adversaries and corporations controlled by foreign adversaries from purchasing land here in South Carolina. Yesterday, Senate Republicans joined me to pass this bill and send it to the House for quick consideration.

All senators swear an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of this State. The Senate upheld that promise today.”

Senator Billy Garrett, who resides in McCormick, added:

“I am very encouraged by the willingness of the State Senate to protect the sovereignty of South Carolina and especially Senate District Ten from Communist China and other hostile nations. I ask my friends in the House to take up S. 576 quickly and send it to the Governor for his approval.”


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