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SLV land purchase still raising concerns

– Amanda Smith

(McCormick, SC)  – A new purchase agreement is raising some eyebrows among citizens of McCormick County after a public service announcement was delivered to Savannah Lakes Village residents by SLV Windfall Group on April 17.

The announcement states that there is a new purchase agreement between the real estate investment group
and Nassau Enterprise, LLC (NEL). Many have concerns that there is a connection between the former
company, AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co., Ltd., and the new company.

The Windfall Group announced the sale dissolution with AnPac and its subsidiary, Foodbase Group, Inc., in
an April 3 public service announcement. At the same time, it was announced that there is to be a new purchase
agreement with Nassau Enterprise.

Jim Walsh, Co-CEO of Windfall Group, said in an email, “AnPac does NOT own any portion of NEL, nor
does NEL own any portion of AnPac.” He went on to explain that any rumors about an immediate
stock/ownership swap between AnPac and Nassau Enterprise are incorrect.

“NEL is a private company, not a public company,” Walsh said. “Being a private company allows them to
control the ownership of the company versus a public company which cannot control who buys public shares.”
According to the April 17 public service announcement about the Nassau Enterprise purchase, the CEO of
NEL is Haohan Xu. The announcement goes on to describe Xu as a U.S. citizen living in New York.
Mike Yuan will also be working with the Windfall Group following the purchase, and the announcement
states that he is also a U.S. citizen and civil engineer. Yuan will be the NEL representative and will reside at
Savannah Lakes Village.

“Haohan Xu attended high school in the U.S. and is a graduate of Columbia University,” Walsh said. “Mike
Yuan is a graduate of Cleveland State University. … They are both U.S. citizens and have been for many years
(approximately 20 years).”


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