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2023-24 Lincoln County School Bus Routes

2023-24 Lincoln School Bus Routes

Sharon Bryan 21-01
Wallace -Wells Circle
Dallas St
Drinkard St
Elam Ave
Florence St
Humphrey St
School Street
Goshen St. (in front of
Ernie Guthries House)|
Jiggs Smalley St
Kelly St
Lillian Sims Dr
Moss Street
Morningside Dr
Spring Court
Perryman Avenue
Milky Way Freeze Bar (parking lot)

Michael Chastain 18-05
Broad Acres Rd
Broad River Scenic Dr
Fishing Creek Estates Rd
Graball Rd
Holiday Estates Rd
Hwy 79 (Elberton Hwy)
Lake View Drive (fishing creek bridge)
Lincoln St
Midway Church Rd
Rowland York Dr
Shore Line Dr
4-H office
Wells St

Floyd Turner 18-04
Black Jack (Murray-Jones)
L & N Rd
Students on Elm St (near Fox’s Den)

Debra Poland 24-03
Ashmore Barden Rd (turn around
at Hanes Ashmores Shop)
(Augusta Hwy) – Gibson Tire to Augusta Bridge
Bonner Rd
Overlook Rd
Pinecone Dr
Barden Bend
Oak Drive
Plantation Point Rd
Price Rd
Plantation Circle
Trulock Rd
Plantation Lane

Wayne Epps 18-3
Ashmore-Barden Rd
Bass Rd.
Camp Daniel Marshall
Cherokee Dr
Comanche Cir
Dixie Lane
Double Branches Rd
Fox Den DayCare
(Pick Up ONLY)AM
Holloway Rd
Hwy 220 @ Martin’s Crossroads
Indian Cove Rd.
Penny Lane
Pleasant View Cir
Poland Road
Price-Reese Rd
White Oak Rd
Mary Braddy 17-1
Partridge Town Rd
Pineywood Rd
Curry Circle
White Rock Rd
Colvin-Kennedy Road
Water Oak Subdivision

Tammie Harley 22-03
Crook Rd
Goldman-Johnson Rd
Hwy 220 West
Hwy 43 (Thomson Hwy)
Loco Church Rd
Mercier Rd
Lincoln Avenue
Rachels Rd.
Old Crook Rd.
Old Crook Rd. to Hephzibah Church
Hwy. 378 to Hwy 220 West
Lincoln Motel
Donna Hutton 18-2
Goshen St (Old PO to Golden Pantry)
Indian Circle
Bermuda Ave.
Blackfoot Rd
Indian Rd.
Panama Court
Iveytown Rd
Ocmulgee Street
Jamaica Ave
Bethany Church Rd
Miami Drive
Montego Dr
Pawnee Dr
Hwy 79(Golden Pantry-Iveytown Rd)
Rowland Rd
Fortson Rd.
Seminole Dr

Robert Leverett 16-2
Dawkins Street
Anthony Street
Lumber Street
Pine Court
Hickory Street

Colleen Leroy 14-1 or 07-4
Albert Rd
Baker Davis Rd
Cardinal Lane
Cedar Rd
Chamberlain Ferry/Hwy 220 E
Clary Rd.
End of Chamberlain Ferry Rd
Joy Rd
Pardon Drive
Parks Grove Church Rd
Pine Grove Church Rd
Po Folks Lane
Pugh-Kahn Rd
Ralph Goolsby Rd
Reed Road
Sims Rd/Sunrise Drive

Michael Wengrow 19-1
Lively Floor Covering
Guillebeau St
Heitman’s Trailer Park (Hwy 378)
Petersburg Place
N.Washington St (Near Mattisons)
North Peachtree Street
Ward Avenue
Dallas Street
Humphrey Street
Sally St Esprit 15-1
Begins on 220 W (left on Mt. Zion Church Rd)
Boothes Branch Rd
Forest Lake Dr
Goldman Rd
Hidden Harbour Rd
Jones Chapel
Main st
Salem Church Rd
Thomson Hwy (Hwy 220
to Jones Chapel Rd.)

Jack Smalley 16-1
Hearst Cebo Rd
Lovelace Rd
Prater Rd
Seed Tick Rd
Sutton Rd
Students from LCHS to LCES (PM)
Metasville Rd

Bruce Haislip 24-02
Bayshore Dr
Bethany Church Rd
Biscayne Drive
Julias Way
Karen Way
Murray Creek Rd
(All of Providence Ferry)
Norman Rd
Hwy 79 (Prater Road to LCES)
Remsen Rd
Tabernacle Church Rd
Aycock-Norman Road
Carpenter Drive
Buck Drive

Clarence Watts 24-04
Amity Woodlawn Rd
Charles Ward Elam Dr
Clay Hill Park Rd
Clay Hill Rd
Ferguson Justice Rd
First Baptist
Greenwood Church Rd
Gresham Park Rd
Hephzibah Church Rd
(From Greenwood Church to
Ferguson Justice Rd)
Maloof Rd
Martin Bentley Rd
Thomson Boat Club Rd
Watson St Ext
Woodlawn-Amity Rd
Hwy 43(Thomson Hwy
Students from LCES to LCHS( AM)

Carla Dornberg 20-02
Charlotte’s Daycare (Elm St)
Does NOT go to LCHS from LCES ( PM.)
Little Fox Den Daycare
Kim’s Daycare (School St)
Rose Curleys Daycare (Goshen St)
Big Fox Den (After School)Daycare

Carlean Mercier 18-1
Beard Drive
Cartledge Rd
Jones-Martin Rd
Leathersville Rd
Williams Circle

Greg Reilly 24-01
Old NAPA Building (across from Fast Times)
May Avenue
Lincoln Apt. (Thomson Hwy)
Claire Drive
Lewis Family Rd
Saddle Brook Subdivision
Hwy 378 to CE Norman Rd
Lewis Crook Rd
West Hill Rd
Maloof Rd
Wellmaker Cook Rd

Dee Dee Johnson 2001
Bill Way
Cathy Way
Firetower Rd
Hwy 79 to Petersburg Rd
Jackie Way
Joan Way
Kings Way
Lily Way
Norman Rd
Chip Mill Rd
Landfill Rd

Sammy Dawkins 11-01
Annie Kate Elam Dr
Guillebeau Rd
Hwy 220 E(Cliatt Crossing
to Martin Crossroads Church)
Maxim Rd

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